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  • Andy Davey

A Cornish Experience part 1

The Rugged Cornish Coast

There's something mesmerising about the coastline in the UK, whether it's a stunning sunset/sunrise, a clam and serene day or a wild stormy sea, you can always be sure of something spectacular to photograph.

Living in North Devon, I'm lucky to see these weather conditions on a regular basis, but part of me wants to look elsewhere for that special shot. That urge drew me down to Cornwall for three days. Strange that i only live an hour away yet I've never been down with my camera until now.

Cornwall is perhaps the most rugged and perhaps one of the most scenic coastal locations in the UK. With it's castle island, mines built into the cliffs, lighthouses and waterfalls Cornwall has it all.

I started my trip at a little town on the tip of Cornwall called Marazion. Marazion is a few miles from Penzance and has something quite famous and is one of the UK's most photographed locations.

St. Michaels Mount

St Michael's Mount sits in Mounts Bay connected by a man-made causeway which is accessible from mid-tide to low tide. As a photographer it's best to photograph in the morning or evening when the sun is low as the light is most favourable during these times.

However, even during the day St Michael's Mount is irresistible. Try to capture the island with the causeway partially submerged about 1-2 hours after low tide. The reason this works best is simple, you are less likely to be interrupted by people trying to cross the causeway and ruining your photo, as they did when i spent the morning trying to photograph the Mount about an hour before low tide.

There are other places that work well when photographing St Michaels Mount, you could try the slipway the boats use to ferry passengers to the Island. There's two, i prefer the first one, you can access it from Fore Street behind the shop Out of the Blue.

In both cases i used a Lee 0.6 ND Grad and the Little stopper for the first image and the Big stopper for the image above.

There's no doubt about it, St. Michael's Mount should definitely be on a photographers hit list, and once you go you'll want to go back again, i know i do!

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