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A Scary Night

Seafield House Storm

So it's 2:30am in May 2017 and I'm rudely awoken by the loudest explosion. What the! I'll let you fill in the rest. The thunder clap was probably the loudest I've ever heard, but what really made me sit up was the strobe lighting outside my window. Strobe? i remember thinking, can't be, so i opened the curtain to be greeted with a lightning storm the like of which rarely happens in this part of the world.

So what to do when you see lightning every couple of seconds? That's right, grab a camera and metal tripod and head out.

The only real decision to make was where do i go? It's 02:30am so people won't be an issue, i need somewhere spooky, That's it! I instantly knew where to go. So off i drive to Westward Ho, and Seafield House. As local people have nicknamed it the haunted house, it was the obvious choice.

Once i got there it was a case of setting up quickly, then realising i don't have my glasses, and as i will need to focus manually that would be an issue! Still, it's worth a go.

I set the camera up on the tripod and dialed in my settings, then focused as best i could and started shooting. The sky was electric, i could almost feel the static charge, as i take shot after shot. It then dawns on me, I'm holding a metal tripod! Oh well, I'm not going back now. I'm completely mesmerised by the lightning show as one flash is replaced by another and followed by claps of thunder as it slowly moved away north.

Over the next 30-40 minutes i take about 50 shots, most were out of focus, but there were enough in focus that i could use.

Looking back on that night it was something i will never forget, some people think i was mad but if you don't take that chance you would never see shots like these, so I'm glad i dragged myself out of bed, it was Electric!

Seafeild House Lightning photo by Andy Davey

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