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Winning Is Everything

In the past 6 months i have started to enter a number of photography competitions online, mainly free entries in Photo Crowd but it's still up against some very talented photographers. Now I'm not really into blowing my own trumpet but i have to say i am rather pleased with some of the results.

Because of this its spurred me on to enter bigger prized competitions, i mean you have to be in it to win it right!?

These are the photos that have over the last few months have made it into the top 10, been judged by an expert and placed into the top 10 and photos that received a commended by the judge.

Each week all photographers within the Photocrowd community are ranked based on how well your photos are doing in the competitions, you are then placed into a ranking table. There are currently over 9,500 photographers on Photocrowd, I'll post my weekly ranking here along with my successes, i am currently ranked 56th

Latest Competition

Under siege finished 8th in Seascapes

Porthleven storm

I headed down to Porthleven with a view to getting a number of shots on the day storm Ophelia hit the UK. I was surprised to see so many photographers and watchers, but then again when you think about it, watching something like this, no wonder it's popular. I searched around for a gap to stand in so i could get the shots i wanted, once i found it i was there for the duration. A good gap with an unimpeded view was like gold, once you had it, don't move or its gone!

Click the images below to see their top 10 rankings

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