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And so it begins

And so the Big Build begins, Mayflower 2020 bonfire is underway and only 882 days to burn night.

OK so there was no building work today, but the guys had to build the fencing and take delivery of the trees courtesy of RHS Rosemoor and delivered by RJ Williams.

RJ WIlliams

The weather didn't want to play either, heavy rain and slippery muddy ground (as i found out to my cost when i did a swan dive off the bank) but no matter what the weather or my condition it was good to see the start of what will be a historic build


Over the next 882 days these guys will build a full size replica of the Mayflower at dock in Plymouth port in 1620 and I'll be there to blog and document it all the way.

Follow the Mayflower400 UK festivities here


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