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  • Andy Davey

Drilling and planning

Having started the structure and part of the ship, it's been a little slow going waiting for the holes to be drilled to allow the guys to drop the masts into place in the future. Open Reach arrived on Thursday this week with a truck and the man power to drill the holes ready for when the guys need them. This will now allow them to build the ship around the holes and when the time is right, drop the masts into place. When in place, the masts will be 80 feet tall.

Now the holes are in place the build can really get going, we should start to see the shape of the ship and port buildings starting to really take shape over the coming months. The plans of the Mayflower are on the cabin wall, a quick look shows the scale of the build, including the rigging, but knowing how these guys work it will be spot on.

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