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Taking shape

It's been a few weeks since i last blogged about the Mayflower 2020 build and you can really see the change. Just two weeks ago having had the posts fitted for the foundations and the eventual fitting of the masts, the guys had decked the supports and started to clad the buildings

The shape of the Mayflower is beginning to take the form of a boat. What you see here is base of the ship, the deck in this photo will represent the water level.

Two week later and the build has started to take shape

Here you can see the timber frame having been built, the top of the frame will be the deck of the Mayflower. Add 10-15 foot overhang each end to accommodate the cabin and poop house structure and the bowsprit. Add the 60 foot masts as some point and you can start to understand the scale of the build.

There's a mountain of work to do in the coming months, I for one am very excited to see this take shape. This might be the hardest one to watch burn down, but burn down it will on the 29th Aug 2020

#GetOnBoard2020 #Mayflower400UK #Mayflower400

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